All kind of accommodation is located in the same neighborhood as the school and have been carefully selected to ensure a safe and fun stay!


An excellent opportunity to practice your conversational skills in Brazilian Portuguese and experience the culture and family life of Brazil is the hosting with the host families. Located in the same neighborhood as the school, in quiet and accessible streets where there are all services available: banks, restaurants, hospitals, theater, cinema and a large shopping center.


  • Private Room and Breakfast

  • Kitchen can be used

  • Free towels, linen and blankets on bed

  • Wi-fi and total privacy

  • Walking distance from the school (5 - 10 minutes)

  • Located on the beautiful beach of Porto da Barra


For those who wish and feel secure in being more independent to move around in the city, we offer options with trusted partners for student residence or small and large hotels. These accommodations are also located near the school and Porto da Barra beach, offering infrastructure and options for culture, gastronomy and entertainment.

Room inside the school



  • Single room

  • Private bathroom 

  • Shared kitchen - No Meals Included

  • Free Wi-Fi and TV room 

  • Free towels, linen and blankets on bed

  • Air Conditioner




Student Residence 

  • Single or double room

  • Private bathroom 

  • Shared kitchen

  • Free Wi-Fi and TV room 

  • Free towels, linen and blankets on bed

  • Free access washing machine once a week

Simple Hotel

  • Single or double room / air condition

  • Breakfast from 07 to 10 am 

  • Private bathroom / fridge

  • Free linen and blankets on bed

  • Free locker at the reception

  • View of the beautiful Bay of All Saints

 Tourist Class Hotel 

  • Comfortable rooms / air condition

  • Telephone usage and internet access

  • Emergency phone / smoke detectors

  • Swimming pool,bar and restaurant

  • View of the beautiful Bay of All Saints

  • Direct on the beach / 5 - 10 minutes to the school

  • Enjoy the possibility to stay inside the school

Tourist ClassHotel