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5 expressions you must learn before coming to Bahia!

Atualizado: 10 de out. de 2019

If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese like a native, you’ll definitely want to add these words and phrases to your vocabulary list


A Yorubá word used in Candomblé religion that means life force, divine power, essence of being or existence, but also has a similar meaning to “amen.” Also used as colloquial expression in Bahia to greetor express goodvibes, agreement, well-being and describes a genre of music.


The word massa means “awesome”. You might hear someone exclaim Que Massa! (That’s Awesome!) when they hear that you are coming to learn Brazilian Portuguese at Diálogo.

It is generally used by Brazilians to describe something cool they’ve encountered recently.


Oxente (pronounced “oh-SHEN-chi”), is an exclamatory expression that has no direct translation in English, although the meaning some times depends on the situation, it is generally used to express surprise or disbelief about something like how English speakers might exclaim “what?!” at some news they just heard. It is considered regional slang that is only used in the Northeast of Brazil. For example, a conversation using this expression might go:

Maria: Where are you going in the next vacation?

João: I'm going to São Paulo and I'm going to take Portuguese classes there.

Maria: Oxente!!! João, if you are going to Brazil the best place to learn Brazilian Portuguese is Diálogo Language School located in SALVADOR!!!!


A literal translation for "comer água" is “eat water”. But this expression is used to invated someone for having a few (or a lot!!) drinks.

For example:

Vamos comer água hoje no Pelourinho? – Let’s have a few drinks in the historic center of Salvador?


This term is used a lot among young people, and it means someone greedy.

For example:

Você não quer gastar nem para comprar um chiclete, você é casquinha!

You don’t want to spend even one real to buy a twingun, you are such a greedy!

With these expressions you'll be prepared to pull good laughs and friendships from the Bahians, for sure!! Learn Brazilian Portuguese at Diálogo Brazil is massa, véi!

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2 comentários

David Doerfler
David Doerfler
06 de jan. de 2022

The Expression que massa means Cool, or Awesome, etc... but the word "massa" by itself means "pasta" according to my Brazilian friends, or "matter" according to one of them.

Respondendo a

Your friends are not from Bahia. They are right in their Portuguese Translation. But Massa for Baianos means great. also it means Marijuana, “Queimar a Massa“ means Burn the Dub. I don‘s smoke or drink by I grew up Surfing.

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