Learn Brazilian Portuguese in Salvador

30 years connecting people and cultures!

The School

Diálogo Brazil is one of the first schools of educational exchange in Brazil.  Founded in 1989 in Salvador da Bahia, it is a reference in teaching and training of acculturation Portuguese for foreigners. Tailor made programs for private studies, companies, universities and institutions worldwide. That's over 30 years of experience and quality in teaching Portuguese and Brazilian culture.


Mission and Values


Provide the best language and Brazilian culture program with quality services and creating new partnerships that share the philosophy and values of the company, customer satisfaction.

•  Respect and value the personal and cultural differences;

•  Cultivate team spirit, maintaining the connection between sectors and services with quality and creativity;

•  Conducting business with accountability, transparency and commitment;

•  Working with social and environmental awareness.



The school is located on the Porto da Barra Beach. This is the most beautiful beach of the city and it is near the historic district Pelourinho. It is a safe neighborhood close to restaurants, stores, banks, post office, cyber cafes, laundromats  and a shopping mall.

It consists of a big and beautiful 2 story-house with:

  • Eight air-conditioned classrooms provided with-sound- audio equipments;

  • Kitchen for gastronomy classes;

  • Saloon for Samba dancing, Capoeira and yoga classes;

  • Large outdoor green area for chating and smoking;

  • Free internet and Wi-Fi, coffee and tea.


The school works in partnership with agencies around the world

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