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School Activities

Diálogo Brazil offers a wide variety of activities, programs and services to help students broaden their learning of Brazilian Portuguese in Salvador da Bahia.

Learn brazilian portuguese
Learn brazilian portuguese

Experiential Learning

As part of language learning experiential classes are offered with the aim of enriching learning. Outside lessons immersing learners in an experience to develop new skills, new attitudes or ways of thinking.

Capoeira and percussion

The ancient struggle and choreography of the time of slavery is perpetuated to the present day. Capoeira and percussion classes are offered free of charge.

Free Capoeira lessons once a week!


Salvador da Bahia is very rich in musicality, rhythms and dances like Samba, Axé and Forró.

Free dance lessons are offered once a week!

Learn brazilian portuguese
Learning Portuguese in Salvador
Learning Portuguese in Salvador


There are cooking lessons too!
Learn the exotic Afro-Brazilian cuisine. Drinks, Caipirinha and fruit Roscas are included. Brigadeiro and desserts also accompany the dishes.

Water Sports

Surfing - Stand Up Paddle (SUP) - Scuba Diving - Hawaiian Canoes

Salvador da Bahia has the perfect climate and beaches for nautical sports. It is five minutes walk from the school and you have the beach of Porto da Barra, one of the most beautiful in Brazil. 
Classes with affordable prices for all levels!


Volunteer work promotes a great life experience and emotional returns. It is about facing adversity and seeing obstacles as evidence of your ability to deal with real problems. Diálogo Brazil has created a successful volunteer program that combines true immersion with deep personal rewards. Environmental projects, social services and educational projects are among the possibilities. You are invited to know this multicultural nation of creative, vibrant and warm people influenced by Africans, Native Americans and Europeans.

Learning Portuguese in Salvador
Learning Portuguese in Salvador
Learning Portuguese in Salvador
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