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Student Visa for Brazil

If you wish to study Portuguese for a long time, it is advisable to apply for a Student Visa so that there are no problems during your stay in Brazil. This visa may be provided to you through Brazilian Consulate or embassy in your country. To apply the student visa you will need a  Letter of Acceptance that Diálogo Brazil can provide. The letter should clearly state that you are a student and the period you intend to be in the country to study with us. It's important to know that the letter must be requested and confirmed by the student upon payment of the course and confirmation of the period of interest. Within 30 days of arrival in Brazil, holders of this type of visa must register with the Brazilian immigration authorities at the Federal Police and send a copy of the visa application form, which will be stamped and returned by the Brazilian Consulate. Upon confirming the payment of the Portuguese course with us, the letter is prepared, registered and sent to you in time for your trip to Brazil.

Important Informations

  1. Students who wish to study in Brazil  longer than 3 months need to apply for the Student Visa;

  2. The responsibility to apply for the Visa before coming to Brazil it's from the student;

  3. Each Consulate has its own rules for issuing the Visa (the minimum of hours required for you to apply for a Student Visa);

  4. Students under 18 must have authorization to travel before they enter Brazil, which has to be done in their country as well as it’s the student’s responsibility to apply for The Visa before coming to Brazil;

  5. The Visa can last up to one year and can also be extendable;

  6. Students are NOT allowed to work.

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