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Our portuguese language school has experience in education for foreigners in Salvador for 30 years. Diálogo Brazil has it focus on using culture as an element of learning, offering a unique brazilian experience for each student. Besides the high quality portuguese classes, there is a relaxed and fun enviroment with activities designed to everyone: Volunteering, Sports, Dance, Gastronomy, Capoeira and Culture. Get to know more about us!

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Located in one of the most traditional districts of Salvador, our school is a large house that is two minutes (walking distance) from the most beautiful beach in the city - Porto da Barra. It is a nice, safe and quiet place, easily accessible and located close to restaurants, banks, public transportation and shopping mall.

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Diálogo Brazil offers a communicative language  teaching (CLT) with native brazilian teachers specialized in PLE - Portuguese as a Foreign Language based on effective experiences in adapting the teaching to the individual learning path. The purpose is to foster empathy with social responsibility through Brazilian Portuguese, offering opportunities for intercultural experiences.

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Learn brazilian portuguese


The Diálogo team is made up of people who speak English, Spanish and German and are open to cultural exchanges, making your portuguese language course in Salvador an immersion in the local culture. Classes follow a weekly schedule, starting every Monday, leaving you free to start whenever you want and also allowing course time to be set by you, which can last for a few weeks or months.

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Winner of the IStudy Language School Award 2018

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